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Little Wallet | Big Trouble

Saturday Evening Fashion + Sense… With Bronwen Llewellyn

Remember when I brought up the whole “buy quality, cry once” theory?  Of course you do, it was only three weeks ago.  The flaw in this plan is that there are so many quality items available for purchase!  A few months ago I saw a picture of a fabulous bag.  Actually a stack of them in assorted colors.  Intrigued, I looked into the matter further and discovered a lovely leather bag, perfect in its simplicity, but with a larger price tag than I really wanted to pay.  Enter the Loewe Amazona.

photo courtesy of La Marquesa

Or, better yet, a house full!  Although a living room punctuated by a rainbow of Amazonas looks very inviting, I did what any gal in my position would do–I decided to ignore the Amazona out of some misplaced respect for my bank account.  That is, until yesterday when a friend of mine e-mailed to tell me she wants one and to ask me about colors.  Damn.  It.

I told her to definitely go for color since Loewe has some fabulous hues (nude, slate, and mink in the hide leathers, and a more vivid range in patents) and black is boring.  I admit that I am delighted that she’s looking at Loewe instead of Chanel which, while timeless and classy, is ubiquitous and cliche.  However, this reminder and “helping” her decide on a bag is making me want this one all over again.  And these photos of Jennifer Lopez are further testing my resolve to keep my wallet in check.

photos courtesy of BagSnob

If these shots tell us anything, it’s that this bag knows how to work and play.  Even in black.  And the more I look at them, the more I think I could definitely fit that boring little black bag neatly into my wardrobe.  However, there is still the small matter of a four figure price point.  Okay, maybe it’s not as bad as a lower end Hermes, or even a mid-range Vuitton (owned by the same parent company), but it is not settling comfortably into the range of current affordability…and after a valiant attempt at forgetting by means of retail therapy at Sephora (an excursion that has provided me with one blush and two more lip glosses I don’t need), the obsession remains.

So much so that I briefly contemplated parting with my Vuitton Lockit in suhali leather–my staple black bag for “suit” occasions.  But let’s not get crazy…I am sure there are other ways of affording this bag.  You can get by with one kidney, am I right?

You can check out Loewe’s full line of bags.  But beware…if you get one, I may ask to borrow it!

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