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Hi. I am happy to introduce Cindy, aka Sassy Planning, who  is a new guest blogger for La Belle Vie Girl. She will be posting on what will now be known as “wedding wednesdays” to share the good, the bad and the ugly about wedding planning and her year ahead in the attempts to help, encourage and inspire all of the girls out there planning . I am delighted to have her and can’t wait to see what she has to say every Wednesday.

Sassy | Introduction

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to guest blog about being a first time, thirty year old bride. My goal here is to talk openly about my wedding planning process, the good, the bad and the UGLY! Well, fingers crossed there’s not much ugly however I’m sure there might be a few times it heads that way. Hopefully I’ll be able to share some DIY projects (warning: I’m not the crafty one in the family!) but mainly just share stories about the ups and down of planning your own wedding!

I hope to talk about guest list drama, the search for the PERFECT invite, hair beauty…how to talk to vendors – how to FIND vendors in a small town that don’t believe in websites or internet advertising (me=pulling hair out)!!!! I hope to share hair and make up trials dress shopping for the bride and the bridal party… maybe some pictures here and there about what inspires me and how to pull all this stuff off with a beer budget and caviar tastes!

Soooo… a little about me. I’m a first time bride to be in my mid – thirties and loving every second of this crazy life! I’m a city girl living in the country and totally happy with it. I love my dog, traveling, wine, cooking and eating new and fun foods, baking, entertaining, playing euchre, shoes, watching my MSU Spartans kick it in the Big Ten and a glutton for punishment by still cheering for the Detroit Lions. Most of all, I’m madly in love with my man and best friend, Mr. Sassy!! He’s my rock and I’m so blessed to have him in my life!

I look forward to spending the next 14 months with you!

Sassy | how to create a budget

YAY!!! We’re engaged!! Now what?!

“With many brides and grooms, one of the first conversations you have as a couple and with your families is How much should we spend on this wedding? If you’re not having this conversation, first and foremost, you should be! Your budget is going to determine the type of venue that you can afford, help you to arrange your priorities, and create a common ground that all parties are comfortable with.” Source: Etiquette/Support | Wedloft by

I’ve never planned a wedding before. Neither has Mr. Sassy. I think I’ve been to maybe 5 weddings in my life…ok maybe more but definitely not more than 10. Ya, seriously. Pretty bad eh? I come from a small family and we just didn’t have a lot of weddings or wedding related things in my life growing up. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to plan parties and menu’s of different foods and wine to go with but that is nothing compared to planning a party for a guest list of over 350 people. That poses a challenge when it comes to planning the biggest party of your life…and what it might take or cost to pull it off!!

Enter my newest BFF: the internet. Task: Determine the big, scary wedding budget.

I started by googling “wedding budgets”.  You get about 5,510,000 results according to Google. Oh joy this should be fun!! Quickly I realized that most of the results are based on a number you might want to spend already in mind, which does come in handy once you have the number nailed down! But then I found this handy dandy site that will help you figure out what the average cost of weddings in your area based on your guest count and what details you plan on including for the big day! It was a wonderful starting point.

From there Mr. Sassy and I sat down and talked very openly and honestly about what we have saved up (we hadn’t really talked about each other’s financial position before then, not in great detail anyway), what we can continue to save and most importantly what WE want the wedding to be and what are the most important aspects of the day for us and for the guests. We decided what we wanted to spend more money on (food and photography) and what didn’t matter as much (flowers and a lot of the extra details that just add up the cost when you are talking so many guests).

Note: I should say that if you are getting financial assistance from other sources and not paying for the bulk of your wedding yourselves, these conversations need to include those people so they also agree with what money is being spent on. You may think you need flowers flown in from Fiji while your parents/grandparents/Aunts/Uncles, etc may think you need Alstromeria. Big difference!

See, this is a very important part of the process so you and your future hubs are on the same page and can be totally united when it comes to talking to other people, especially family if they might be contributing some financially, so if they give an opinion (solicited or unsolicited) on the matter, you can say “we talked about this and that’s what WE decided”.

After you happily and with no fighting decide on a number you can use any number of online budget tools to further breakdown how to spend your hard earned and saved moolah. I found The Knot, Wedding Channel, Project Wedding, Wedding Wire which are all very nice and get to the point. Most of the sites allow you to do most of your tracking, note taking and general organization in one place. I’ve also found really good excel spreadsheets like this on Wedding Bee. The best resource I’ve found thus far for budgeting and overall wedding organization is the Google All in One Wedding Planner (you will need a gmail account to use). I’ve added additional tabs for bridal jewelry, bridesmaids jewelry, shoes among various other fun items! It’s been useful for me so far

Some things I’ve learned during the budget process:

  • Determine your potential guest list first / as you figure out what you want to spend on the whole day. This will help be realistic on what you should expect to spend. Realize that the number one way to cut costs is to cut guests, but that may not always be an option. Mr. Sassy has an immediate family of 150 people on his dad’s side, which doesn’t include second cousins or other “distant” family members. I have a family of 5, including me, my cousin and his wife.  My total guest list is like 90 people.
  • Do research on what things cost before you allot a certain amount for each category.
  • Be realistic on what you can and want to DIY.
  • Do NOT share your numbers with anything that doesn’t NEED (and really think about who “needs”) to know and that includes family, even if they’ve offered a limited amount of financial assistance. Instead if they have already offered to help you, ask them what they are willing to give but realize if you are paying the bulk of the day, they don’t need to see the figures. This could potentially save months of heartache and feeling the need to justify every cent you spend if someone thinks you are spending too much. Just trust me on this.
  • Remember this is YOUR (and your future hubs) day. Do what makes YOU BOTH happy.

What kind of tips or awesome spreadsheets have you found during the budgeting process??




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Spending my weekend working on lots of Autumn weddings… lots of beautiful shades of gold and brown and winter whites….

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This would be a super fun idea for a couple of sports enthusiasts … to have a tailgating wedding!



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These menus rock! Love the bold typography .. so much better than the typical plain jane menu layout you see….




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Congratulations go out to Kellie & Zach this weekend…. they are getting married tomorrow in Virginia Beach! I can’t wait to see the gorgeous photography from Valerie Demo Photography of their wedding and how pretty all of the details are!


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