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I was asked to write this weekend on something inspired by the fashion in preview clips from A Single Man.  Check out this video link courtesy of YouTube. Colin Firth in retro glasses (a la Oliver Peoples) as an older professor is hugely alluring, even if the film is more somber in tone.  (I intentionally avoided watching it until after writing this article.)

It seems to me that we, as a society, are firmly ensconced in an ongoing fascination with the 60s.  Maybe it started with Austen Powers.  Or maybe it started with Mad Men.  But it is evident in at least two recent fashion campaigns, so it cannot be ignored.  I have to wonder if television viewers’ obsession with Mad Men is driving fashion, or if fashion created Mad Men to drive us as a consumer society.  Either way, bringing bag an era of glamour, big hair, and classic looks cannot be a bad thing, right?  Okay, maybe not the big hair.

Oliver Peoples reflects the ennui of summer (a sentiment I rather embrace) in their summer campaign video, “Les enfants s’ennuient le dimanche.”  Check out this video link courtesy of YouTube.  I love the retro stylings and, of course, the fabulous Rees square sunnies (I have them in two colors!).  And since this seemed like a weekend for films, I kept going with The September Issue, a peek into Vogue magazine and the editor featured in The Devil Wears Prada, Anna Wintour herself, as they prepare the biggest issue of the season.

I now find myself wistfully dreaming of the fall.  Cooler weather, textural fashions, new things in grey…maybe even a better life.  I love the fall.  And as Louis Vuitton’s new collections for fall are slowly appearing in sneak peeks online, I see the retro theme is still going strong.  It seems almost as if the photographers and set designers for the fall catalog took a page from the two videos above and translated it into the fall catalogue.

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo courtesy of ILVOELV

Photo courtesy of ILVOELV

The theme here appears to be games as they represent luxury and the elegant, carefree lifestyle we envision for those who are incredibly wealthy.  But the similarities don’t end there.  A black and white scheme is also recurrent in all three…

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of ILVOELV

…and in the set element of the recurring zebra rug:

Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo courtesy of ILVOELV

Strong, rich color schemes, old Hollywood glamour, tailored menswear, swing coats…yes, fall looks very promising indeed.  It is all the goodness of the fall season: the changing leaves, a crispness in the air, and shopping for a new grey coat!  In the meantime, we can look forward to the September issue.

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