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One | Room

Style Challenge With Bronwen Llewellyn

Ladies and gentlemen, I am supplementing my usual “Saturday Evening Post” on fashion with a little design bonus.  While perusing the web, I happened upon From The Right Bank and her “What’s Your Style in One Picture Challenge.”  Could I do it?  Definite my style in a single photograph?  Well, it took a little soul searching and a lot of room searching, but I believe this room captures the overall feel of my style.

Photo courtesy of Metropolitan Home

This room has a soothing, watery feel, balanced by a toasty fire in the granite fireplace (sure, it’s 95 degrees, but a girl loves a good fire…am I right?).  Of course any room I chose had to have my signature essence of grey, a classic ambience with a modern edge, and wide baseboards.  I love the oversized traditional artwork, the comfy-yet-clean-lined sofa, and the playful bookcase.  These are anchored by a watery glass table floating on a fluffy ocean of rug.  Finally, the “almost” color of the room is popped by the modern oversized lamp in a steely blue.  The room feels weighted, but not full, comfortable but not cluttered.  If I could change only one thing, I would replace the patterned wood floor with stained concrete in a similar color, but on the whole, I am ready to move in!

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Mod | Seat

Take A Seat was inspired my childhood friend Kip, a fabulous interior designer out of Chicago –  Kip Rodrigue Designs. I love the clean lines in these chairs and the punch of color from the red envelope liner. Take A Seat comes in a box set of 20 ivory note cards with coordinating vintage apple envelope liners on #100 pound paper with hand die cut rounded corners. Write your mom a letter.. Best, Jenn :)

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Instant | Sunshine

Beautiful yellow-inspired images ran rampant on tumblr all day! Thanks girls….

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Design | Journal

I love looking at other designers journals for ideas and inspiration….  this one is from sfgirlbybay. Victoria is such an inspiration on a daily basis for me!

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Bloom | Wall

via jenniferstuart

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Pink | Blue

Love the colors in this photograph by Eric Striffler. See his beautiful work at illusionoverdrive.

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Hint | Color

found on searching for beauty

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Inspire | Britain

via iamreeh

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via ellipsed

via ellipsed

via morethanoneword

Inspired by all of the design around the Union Jack.

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Color | Whimsy

via emmas designblog

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Do Ho Suh’s | Miniature House

This weekend I was reading Paper City while having a salad at Cafe Express and ran across a two page spread of Contemporary superstar Do Ho Suh’s remarkable miniature house installation which is on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It is called Fallen Star 1/5, part of the traveling exhibition  “Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists from Korea.” I found it fascinating.. and wish I could show you the images that Paper City had that were so detailed.

Just to paraphrase part of the article so you can get an idea of what you are seeing in these photographs “a kitchen stocked with holiday trimmings, complete with a dressed turkey, alongside prosaic condiments such as a jar of olives and a Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottle; cabinets loaded with an arsenal of cleaning supplies including a box of Tide; a breakfast nook where an open laptop awaited its owner, color pencils strewn across a desk, while a completed drawing rested nearby; a library bearing leather-bound volumes, plus a paperback guide to beginning French that had been taken off the shelf; a pair of golden mules standing guard against a white-painted bedstead; in another bedroom, riotous red wallpaper serving as a backdrop for a four-poster bed;  and a suite of blue Delft plates adorning a wainscoated wall near a Queen Anne dining chair – all of this based on actual household furnishings, measured and then recreated in exacting 1-to-5 scale.”

You can see and read more about Do Ho Suh and his work here  Fallen Star 1/5 or by checking out Paper City.

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